With all the difficult things in life, people tend to look for something to give them peace and comfort. They look for something different; something that gives them happiness while they do that thing. That usually goes down to them having hobbies. Hobbies can range from little things like crafts and arts, playing a musical instrument and reading books to bigger ones like hiking, sports and biking. Whichever one it is, its purpose is to give release from the tired routines of your life and help you experience peace.

Arts and Crafts

One of the simple hobbies that people can do is arts and crafts. If you have the passion and the eye for it, then you can definitely do it. Now arts and crafts are a really broad field that you can go into. You can be drawing characters from references on the internet or making an original character. Drawing involves penciling the character, inking it and then coloring it if you want a colored artwork. You could also be one of those that draw digitally in their laptops or tablets. Another thing is you could be crafting a lot of different stuff! You can be crafting Little Houses as a hobby. You could also be an experienced craftsman that is making decorative weapons that can be used as part of a costume in cosplay. You could be forging your own metal from scraps, and then shaping it to your will and adding decorations and bevels to make it look like the real thing. You could be even one of those simpler ones that make simple things like making decorations for your home. Whichever it is, the field of arts and crafts is really broad; haven’t even talked about painting and the many ways that this field is done.


Now there is this form of art that people have done since they were kids. This is called coloring. Remember the days when you are given crayons by either your parents or your preschool teachers and they tell you to color a character design on a piece of paper. There are kids who follow the lines intricately and there are those who just color the whole paper because they can and they are having fun while doing it. Coloring involves a material that can apply color to paper like crayons and colored pencils, and it usually adds more details to an already amazing work of art. This is done not only by kids but also by adults. As adults, they can buy coloring books that has complicated patterns that allow them to color in a lot of the possible details personalizing it to their own preferences. This gives you peace, and can be a therapeutic experience for you.

These coloring pages can be of different characters. One of the most famous characters are the characters from the Popular Online Battle Royale Game Fortnite. With these coloring pages, kids will love coloring them and adults who are fans of the game can also join in and colour for fun. If you are looking for the best Fortnite Coloring pages out there, visit Fortnite Nexus and click this to see their list of 25+ coloring pages of fortnite characters.