Most people give the reason why they don’t like making juices or smoothies in their homes is that they don’t have the basic knowledge of cleaning the tools after the operation.

Below are the best cleaning tips for your blender that will make your washing process to be faster and simple. To find out more see this site.

1. Let the blender do the hardest part for you

You should not waste time and energy trying to remove the remains of soups or smoothies from the inside parts of your blender or between the blades, but instead of all that stores you should just fill your blender with hot water mixed with some drops of washing liquid, and cover it with the lid for about 30 seconds and your blender will be adequately cleaned.

2. The process of cleaning the lid

Once you are done with step one above, the next thing you have to do is to take the lid off over the sink and pour the hot water that had used to clean the blender over the lid and immediately rinse the jug with some clean water

3. Use baking soda to remove hard stains or deposits

The washing up liquid may not remove all the stains from your blender; you have to use baking soda to remove tough stains. What you have to do here is to add some tablespoons of the baking soda in the first tip above to help remove these stains.

4. Prevent any accumulation of bad smell in your blender

You should not use any chemicals to try to solve this problem. When you realize there is a smell in your blender, then use natural cleaning agents such as the vinegar or juice to help you get rid of the bad smell

5. Clean the base of the jug with a brush

Use a small brush to clean the bottom of the blender to ensure no dirt is left to build up there. So don’t worry anymore, use these simple tips to clean your blender.