Hiking and mountain climbing is one of the best ways to explore nature. These days many people, young and old alike, wants to feel nature in all its satisfying presence. Hikers use a lot of stuff in their backpack to help them throughout their journey. Mostly these things are well thought out because the weight and space that these item will have can be the difference between a good and a horrible trip. Usually hikers prefer things that are easily manageable and ready to use when needed.

One of the key accessories while you are on long hiking trip is a pillow that can provide you good and comfortable nap on the go. When you are in market to purchase a quality pillow for your backpack, you will find a lot of offerings by many companies. Some of pillows may carry less weight but they are not easily foldable and manageable. Others are more comfortable yet very space taking. When you are buying a perfect combination, what you are looking for is a pillow that have best of both worlds. It must be very comfortable to reduce neck stress and avoid stiffness in neck and head. It must also be very light in weight and must not cover enough space. We recommend thermarest pillow because it’s functional yet comfortable

When it comes to backpacking in the wild, a pillow is almost a second thought: after all, every inch and every gram counts for a lot as you try to pack as easily and efficiently as possible. If not a second thought, they fall into the luxury category – but some of the best backpack pillows out there will reclassify you into a substantial one. After all, there are a ton of ultra light models, and many pack into a fabric bag the size of a tennis ball. And when it’s time to use them, you can bet they’ll hit extra dresses rolled up in a jacket for more comfort every night. The primary pet of people with camping cushions – the fact that they can slip out of under you at night

Thermarest compressible backpack pillow:

With its ¬†geometric patterned and colorful covers, the Therm-a-Rest Compressible is a great budget pick from one of the best names in comfort camping equipment. This cushion brings it back to basics in the best possible way, with a soft foam filling that’s thick (four inches) and comfortable when you need it, and condenses into an easily storable size if you do not. You will love the drawstring and the cord lock that keeps the pillow from breaking when you put it away.

From your first glance at this pillow you can see that it was well designed: the curvature of the pillow surface does a great job of support and weighs tired heads, while the scalloped bottom edge is useful for car, train or plane travel. It also has a decent amount of substance, thanks to a thick but compressible layer of filling and a TPU blister. Hence this is the best pillow that provides practicality and comfort in one place and surely is the best pillow that you can invest in 2019.