Facial brushes have been on the market for a while now but there are a lot of people, especially women, who are still very reticent about using them. If you are one of them, then this article is for you. What we would like to do is to debunk some of the most spread myths about facial brushes and explain you in detail why these statements are not true. This should convince you to introduce a facial brush in your daily skin care routine, as your skin definitely needs it. So, here is a list of myths about facial brushes which we would like to debunk.

1. It will irritate my skin and cause a rash.

This is not going to happen as long as you know well the type of your skin. The secret lies in using the correct type of brush and learning how to correctly clean it after you use it. Make sure that you remove the makeup you have on before you use the facial brush and that you use cleanser on the brush. As long as you follow these simple instructions, we can guarantee you that you will be fine.

2. I will only obtain bacteria spread around my face.

Nothing falser than that!! One of the main roles of a facial brush is to remove bacteria that clogs your pores. Use the proper brush head and then cleanse with clean water after the brush and we can assure you that you will get rid of bacteria; you are not going to spread it.

3. I will exfoliate too much.

What does this even mean? Use the brush once or twice a week and you will not deal with red, irritated skin. If there is a very delicate area on your face and neck, then simply avoid it and you are not going to have any problems.

4. Facial brushes are for professional skin cleaning, so they are expensive.

No, they’re not. Yes, it is true that facial brushes are generally used by dermatologists and skin professionals but there are many types available for very fair price rates. All you have to do is to search for the affordable options. A simple research on the internet is going to solve that problem.

5. I have acne, so I cannot use a facial brush.

In fact, a good facial brush can help you either get rid of acne or at least improve it. This is because a facial brush will help remove the excess sebum, which is one of the main factors that lead to acne problems.

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