The Korean wave does not only extend to music and entertainment. It has already breached the skincare industry by introducing new products that will help to protect skin health and promote natural beauty. One example of a trendy Korean skincare product today is cushion compact foundation.

What is a Cushion Foundation?

The new Korean cushion foundation promotes a natural beauty look. Wearing this cosmetic seems like you haven’t applied a foundation at all. If you want to take a break from a liquid foundation, you should try this product.

What are the Advantages of the Cushion Foundation?

Aside from giving you a natural appearance, wearing this skincare product has a wide variety of benefits.

1. Buildable Coverage and Finish

A cushion foundation allows you to apply the right amount of makeup each time you press the cushion on the foundation. Wearing this product prevents your skin from getting blotchy, chalky, and shiny. It is unlike when you are using a regular liquid foundation, for you don’t have control over what you apply on the skin.

2. Smooth and Soft Skin Texture

The cushion allows you to spread the foundation evenly on the skin. It quickly covers up blemishes, scars, dark circles, fine lines, and other skin surface problems without using too much foundation. Hence, you no longer have to rely on foundation applicators like a makeup blender or brush to make sure there is no blotching.

3. Very Convenient

A cushion foundation is a travel size product that can easily fit in clutch bags and pouches. Moreover, it usually comes with a mirror so you can apply the makeup anywhere you are. If you want to be glamorous everywhere you go, this makeup is the best one for you.

How to Find the Best Cushion Foundation?

You can easily buy a cushion foundation in any cosmetic store near you. This product is also widely available in online markets, given the popularity of this item. But the real question is this, how can you identify which is the best cushion foundation that is suitable for your skin?

1. What is your skin type?

Determining your skin type will help you to find the right cushion foundation. There are specific brands that are ideal for oily skin, dry skin, acne-prone skin, and large pores. Examples of these products are available at Ellis James Designs.

2. Long-Wear or Not?

You have to figure out how long do want to wear makeup. For example, if you want a foundation for day to day wear, consider choosing a full coverage for it lasts for a longer period.

3. Is it a Reliable Brand?

A wise buyer will choose a cushion foundation coming from a well-known and reputable brand name. Also, it is best to choose one that is dermatologically tested to assure it has no strong substances that might cause irritation and trigger skin problems.

Now that you know some basic info about a cushion foundation, the next step you have to do is find one.

You can go to Ellis James Designs for additional tips and advice on how to select a good cushion foundation.