Air conditioning systems have been a standard piece of cooling equipment in homes. Most homeowners prefer an AC unit due to efficiency and ability to filter impurities in the air. However, AC maintenance and repairs are expensive. Moreover, some AC brands are energy inefficient which can lead to expensive energy bills, especially during the summer season.

No doubt, AC is a famous home cooling equipment. But remember, it does not hurt to invest supplementary cooling equipment like a box fan.

Using an alternative cooling device aside from AC offers a lot of benefits. A lot of homeowners and offices use a box fan instead of an air conditioning system.

So, do you want to find out these advantages? You can check it out below.

#1 Extremely Cheap

The upfront cost of a box fan is cheaper, unlike air conditioning systems. When you buy an AC, make sure to have at least $300 for budget-friendly units. But if you prefer a more advanced AC system with guaranteed quality, prepare $500 to get one of these items. Also, you’ll have to pay for the installation especially if you are planning to invest an HVAC.

On the other hand, a box fan price range from $16 to $40 depending on the quality and features of the item. You can save up to $260 when you get a box fan instead of an air conditioning unit. Moreover, it does not require installation fees since it is ready to use the device. Thus, box fans are always a safe bet when it comes to investing in home cooling equipment.

#2 Energy-Efficient

Running a box fan does not require much energy. A standard box fan measuring 20 inches consumes 100W of power when in high speed. Hence, you won’t have to worry about expensive utility bills with this home cooling equipment. You can stay cool and comfortable throughout the summer.

#3 Perfect for Small Spaces

Box fans are perfect for rooms with limited spaces. It is one of the reasons why many people love this item. Likewise, it can cool down a room in a matter of minutes as an AC does. Also, you can direct the fan into your position as long as you want.

#4 Portable

Although some ACs are portable, however, box fans are way more convenient. This cooling equipment is less heavy compared to an AC that is heavier and bulky. Also, most brands feature a top handle and lightweight features for easy carrying.

#5 Low Maintenance Cost

High-quality box fans can last for years. The maintenance and repairs for this type of equipment are also cheap. You can immediately find replacements for the damaged parts in Amazon. And, if the unit is no longer repairable, you could always get a new one for only $20.

What do you think about box fans? Would you prefer to use this home cooling equipment rather than an AC?

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