Aging is something that happens naturally, but you can do something to slow down its effects. By eating and drinking healthy and with a good exercise routine, you can look years younger and slow down premature aging. Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet is a good way to combat aging. In fact, going natural is probably the better anti-aging remedy than anything technology can ever come up with.

Anti-aging juices and smoothies made from fruits and vegetables can be mixed into your diet to slow down the hands of time. Two of the most popular “anti-aging” fruits are lemon and oranges. Even if these are not in season, you can still mix them into your juices and smoothies by using a good blender that can work on frozen fruits. It’s good to note, though, the importance of reading a well researched review about blenders capable of blending frozen fruits to ensure you’re getting a good brand that works as advertised.

Yes, a great hack to enjoy fruit juices and smoothies even when some fruits are not in season is to buy them while they are available and keep them in the freezer until such time you need to use them. Why lemon and oranges, though?

Lemon is one of the best fruits to use in anti-aging juices. First, the juice from this little yellow fruit is so refreshing and tasty. Second, lemon contains Vitamin C that strengthens the immune system that makes the body stronger and capable of fighting many different diseases. For people who are not fan of lemonade, small drops of concentrated lemon juice can be added to one’s drinking water. Adding it in water can make the taste weaker but still effective in getting one’s daily dose of Vitamin C. Do this regularly.

Oranges are a citrus and like lemons are high in Vitamin C. This makes this fruit one of the best weapons against the many different types of diseases as it bolsters the power of the immune system. It is also an effective anti-aging fruit because Vitamin C helps in producing collagen, which is a major component in making the skin naturally elastic. This fruit also contains antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the body that cause harm and aging in the cells of the body.

To make your lemon and orange anti-aging juice or smoothie more effective, throw in some spinach or broccoli into the mix.

Spinach is good in reducing wrinkle in the skin. This is possible because spinach is rich in Vitamin E, which is the most common component of products that promise wrinkle-reducing effects. When these kinds of products are used, the chances of having wrinkle-free skin may be 50-50. However, many professionals believe that when Vitamin E is added in the diet, a younger and more beautiful skin is easier to achieve.

On the other hand, the vitamin C in broccoli helps make the skin look younger. Moreover, this veggie contains coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant that fights free radicals. Increasing Q10 intake can amazingly help improve the quality of the skin in a short time by repairing the skin damage caused by free radicals and stress.

There are more fruits and veggies that you can use in preparing anti-aging juice and smoothie recipes. These natural ingredients have their own characteristics as to how they can make aging people look years younger.