Are you going to spend a few hours on the road? So check out important tips for making a smooth trip.

Make sure the car is good to go

  • Check out the conditions of the tires, the spare tire, the alignment and balance of the wheels, the brakes and the battery;
  • Also observe the water level, the filter and the fuel oil. On older vehicles, check the cables and spark plugs, shock absorbers and belts;
  • Windshield wiper blades must be in good condition so that visibility is not impaired in case of rain;
  • Check the external signaling lights and check if the essential tools (triangle, jack and wheel wrench) are in order.

Check the documentation

To avoid headaches and miss the trip in the middle of the road, it is essential to check the documents of the vehicle and the driver, as well as the legislation of the destination. Pay attention to the validity of your driver’s license and check if there are any outstanding fees and penalties.

When renting a car can be a good deal

Renting a car can be a good thing when you travel to a particular destination by plane and want to explore the neighboring towns or attractions and beaches further afield. The main care when renting a car is to read all the details of the contract and, from the list of options offered, do not give up the insurance.For your safety, register all drivers who can drive, make sure the documentation of the car is up to date, and thoroughly inspect the bodywork, interior and accessories of the vehicle, requiring that everything be on the contract. The freighter rate, more expensive, pays off when you will run more than 100 KM per day.

Organize luggage

Accommodate luggage in the car properly and avoid overeating and make travel easy. Here are some tips to avoid error:

Avoid packing luggage inside the vehicle as it is essential to maintain the vehicle’s full visibility;

Avoid letting loose objects (such as a glasses case) loose by the car, as they may fall on the driver’s feet, making it difficult to access the pedals. They may also, in the event of a collision, be thrown by inertia, multiplying their weight and endangering the occupants;

Arrange all possible luggages in the trunk and consult the vehicle manual for the ideal tire calibration for the fullest car;

Take a safe trip

Here’s how to enjoy the route in the best way:

  • Drive responsibly, following traffic regulations, and especially avoid alcohol on the road. This is true even for the day before, because the body takes time to digest the alcohol, causing loss of reflexes and drowsiness the next day;
  • Before you take the wheel, feed yourself well, but without exaggeration. On road meals be wary of products derived from mayonnaise, milk, or foods you are not accustomed to eating;
  • Even on short trips, take breaks. A simple stop to stretch and go to the bathroom oxygenates the body, stimulates the circulation and renews the energies;
  • Always carry extra cash, since that restaurant or gas station inside may not accept the flag of your card or only work with cash;
  • Plan your departure time thinking about the route to the road and avoid traffic jams at peak times;
  • and finally, separate a nice track and let it roll during the trip. With music, the route becomes more pleasant and pleasurable.

Avoid places where car traffic is complicated

If you go to cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, where traffic is heavy and parking spaces are difficult, leave the car in storage. In this case, it is worth choosing taxis, public transport or even a bike.

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