Transport is a really big thing these days. It is through transportation that people are able to get to places that they hold as important in their lives; may it be to your workplace, loved ones, friends or some random tourist spot. People use modes of transport that helps them get to these places. These can range from cars to bikes to trains and planes, and the most popular out of all of them are cars.


Cars are really a convenience that gives you, the user, a comfort of travel that you can control. The driver control where he or she go and what you want the car to do. But with owning a personal car or vehicle comes with a cost. For cars the cost is fuel and the eventual maintenance that you have to do to it when it gets older. It will cost you a bit but most of the time, depending on the type of car that you have, the benefits that you get outweighs the costs. But there are more ways to prepare your vehicle in order to make use the best of what it can give you. One of them is the need to prepare for anything that might happen to the car. The most common accidents that cars can have are a flat tire. If you have a Flat tire, then you need to be ready to change the tire with a spare. In order to do that, you will need the right tools. One of the most important tools in changing tires is the car jack.

What is a Jackscrew?

A car jack or a Jackscrew lifts up your car a bit in order for the flat tire to be elevated and easier to take out. Now, there are only certain locations in a car that you can use the car jack. So, if you do not know these certain areas to put the jack, then the website has a great post to read about Car jacks. The website is called Auto Aid Outlet and they have an article entitled: “Where to put Jack Under Cars: The Six Jack Points”.

The article specifies which points of the car that you can use the jack. They are namely: Metal Edge, Near the Front and Back Wheel, Rear Differential, Both sides of the Body, Rear Crossmember, and the front crossmember. They have also have comments and information about each point that is quite helpful. An example would be that the Metal edge is the last resort of a jack point that you should use and is a last resort. Another example is that near the front and back wheel of the car is the Ideal Point to use the car jack. It is because it is made out of hard metal and it makes the tire changing easier. It also heats up the wheels a bit and thus good for the wheels.

If you want to learn more about each of the specific points then feel free to visit their website. Their website also contains more information about car jacks and reviews of the ones that you can find on the market.