Are you a certified coffee lover? If you are, you should know about French press coffee.

If this is your first time hearing it, it is understandable; not everyone knows about French press coffee and how aromatic and great-tasting it is.

What is French press coffee anyway?

Free press coffee is an indulging, smooth, and rich coffee – very French, for that matter. What makes French press coffee different from the usual coffee that you are making in the morning is the coffee’s natural oil. Unlike other the other coffee maker, the French press coffee maker has metal filters that separate the coffee particles from the coffee but not the coffee oil.

If you are concerned about the cholesterol brought by the natural oil from the coffee, you can always purchase paper filters that will fit a French press coffee maker; this will help trap the oil but will still give you the smooth-tasting coffee. On the other note, the natural coffee oil in the coffee adds a different texture to your coffee, which makes French press coffee exquisite and indulging.

How does French press coffee maker work?

French press coffee makers are designed to make a delicious and original tasting coffee without exerting too much effort; all you need to do is use ground coffee of your liking together with hot water, and then let it steep – ideally steeping time for French press coffee is 30 seconds at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t like the idea of waiting, you may purchase a portable French press coffee maker – just what every coffee lover needs that are always on the go.

So, why love French press coffee?

As mentioned, French press coffee is totally different from the usual instant coffee that you are drinking in the morning or the café Americano that you purchase at a coffee shop; to understand this, here are the top reasons to love French press coffee:

  • It is easy to make; plus, you’ll get similar quality-taste of espresso, only that espresso is basically has a very strong and concentrated taste of coffee, while French press has deep and strong coffee flavor.
  • French press coffee provides health benefits too. Unlike what most coffee drinkers think that French press coffee is bad due to the natural coffee oil that is unfiltered, it has health benefits that will surprise you; for instance:

o    It has an anti-cancer property known as methyl pyridinium.

o    It contains lipophilic antioxidants and chlorogenic acid lactones that help strengthen neural cells, which helps protect the neural synapses.

o    Reduce the possibilities of acquiring gout, dental cavities, and Type II diabetes.

  • It maintains the right and exact water temperature throughout the French press coffee making process. If you chose to purchase a portable French press coffee maker, look for a type or brand that can keep your coffee hot for the next four hours or cold for the next six hours.

There are more reasons to love about French press coffee, especially when you buy the portable French press coffee.