I have been a coffee enthusiast for many years and pursued satisfaction in many ways, from trying types of coffee and flavors to the types and brands of espresso machines. You are not alone in the pursuit of this knowledge, but for me, I am now an expert. I am willing to share my experiences and knowledge to help you not to undergo what I went through to reach where I am.

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What they offer

I acknowledge that anybody who desires to enjoy his or her espresso at home must begin the journey by purchasing a coffee machine. However, the brands and types of machines are so many that selecting one can be a crisis for you. The good news is that the experts at Pick & Brew understand your predicaments and have used their expertise and experience to highlight the top espresso machines for 2019. All you need is to pick a list of the best from their website and make a choice, you cannot make a mistake by choosing from the best. You will find a detailed chronicle of their reviews, specifications, ease of use, durability, versatility, pros, and cons among others. They have even compared them, just visit their page and make a choice.

There is a lot more to learn about coffee at Pick & Brew, everything you would like to know about coffee grinders and coffee beans is freely available on their website. Equally, you will find the buyer’s guides for espresso machines and coffee grinders among others.

I am not able to list everything found on their page and I highly recommend that you visit them, but I would like to summarize and say that everything available to be known in 2019 about coffee is available at Pick & Brew.

Further thought

I have conducted through research and used many coffee products over time which is the basis of recommending Pick & brew. In addition, Pick & brew has been offering expert coffee services to many people and have handled everything to do with coffee, you don’t have any justification to start the whole process of authenticating a fresh, I bet you cannot outdo the experts at Pick & brew. As a result, you are empowered to save time and make the best choice of your espresso machine or any other decision related to the use of coffee.


There is no better place to find information about coffee that Pick & brew.  The good thing is that the information is free and available for your usage, but if you will want to make a purchase, you will be directed to Amazon.